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2bSo, you are looking forward for a mini reunion with your high school buddies which will be coming up real soon. Just days before it, you notice irritating red fleshy bumps on your face.

What are you going to do, it looks awful! First of all, don’t just ignore them or, worse, attempt to pick them off. They might just be facial warts which can be spread by touching or picking them, by sharing personal objects, and even through communal environments.

A Breakthrough System

Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal

Otherwise known as a filiform wart, these are itchy and nasty outgrowths that can occur on the face, from the eyelids to the lips to the neck. They can grow extremely quickly and spread rapidly.

Filiform warts are altered forms of the common wart which is caused by various strains of the Human papillomavirus.

This virus thrives in moist areas and can remain on its host for a long period of time. Once it enters the skin, it starts to grow in the skin cells, leading to the formation of an outgrowth. Which when left untreated can spread to other parts of the body, and lead to these kinds of emotional trauma:

  • HPV wartsDepression and inferiority complex. This may come as a result of the lifetime and ridicule and humiliation that you may face with it.
  • Expensive treatments. Sure, there are treatments that will get rid of it. But if you do not save hefty sums of money for it, you might as well just write it off completely.
  • Physical harm. Because of your frustrations in trying to get rid of the wart you have undergone desperate measures to get rid of it which can seriously harm you in the end.
  • Wrong diagnosis. You have tried numerous drugs, potions and remedies off the internet all of which you are not sure about their formula and adverse effects they might have on you.

Now, we might be getting a bit off hand with the above trauma brought about by a mere outgrowth on the skin, but most people with a filiform wart have actually gone through many, if not all, of the above. You may well think that a wart is really bad, but it is not as bad as you think it is so you need to relax. After all, there is a treatment called Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal that will help you out.

We can all develop visible marks on our faces after the age of twenty or sometimes even before.

Finger WartsHowever, when a wart becomes larger than normal, or appears visible on your face, neck or body, this can be a problem. So of course, you will more than likely want to get rid of it. The Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal offers you an all-natural and non-surgical procedure that will help you get rid of such deformities quite easily.

This is an effective alternative to those expensive freezing treatments and surgery that are widely used today. With this method, you can safely remove your warts without leaving behind any scarring on the skin. Plus, it works on all types of warts, moles and skin tags, including filiform warts. Here are the things that this product promises you.

  • Getting rid of warts in the privacy of your home, without the need of doctor prescriptions.
  • Be free of doctor dependence and do the treatments yourself on your chosen schedule and not someone else’s.
  • Achieve permanent results without those nasty and potentially harmful side effects.
  • Stop your problem right at its source and prevent it from coming back ever again.
  • Receive immediate access to proven natural remedies that will get rid of a filiform wart without scars and other skin damages.
  • Get a treatment that is suitable for all skin types, and not have to deal with compatibility problems.
  • Be left with clear and healthy skin.

This may sound too good to be true, but take it from the creator of this process who has been in the situation you are in and, if this is not enough for you, the Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal also gives you the following.

  • Blemish free skin. You will finally get that smooth and beautiful skin that you have always dreamed of, and ensured of a wart-free face forever.
  • Complete freedom. All those fears and embarrassments will be gone and you will get your confidence back. Never again will you have to listen to taunting or be the butt end of jokes.
  • No fluff. Throw away those ineffective potions, lotions and creams, and reconsider your doctor appointments. follow this system instead and be amazed with the results.
  • Guaranteed results. With this system, your warts, moles and skin tags will be gone in just a few days. This product boasts a 98% success rate.

Help With WartsSo get rid of your filiform wart now before it is too late.


Spare your frustrations and pocket from those expensive creams that only work skin-deep (or do not work at all!) and go with the Moles, Warts & Skin Tags Removal system. You will not be disappointed with the results.

Treat Warts with Natural Home Remedies

Warts can be pretty unsightly when they are on your face or hands.

Warts on HandIt is unfortunate that warts can grow pretty much anywhere on a person’s body.  Some people have described the ailment as a sort of skin tumor (benign of course) which is related to papillomavirus in humans, which is part of a group of DNA viruses.

Warts don’t have a particular favorite type of person, which means they can affect anyone of any age.  Statistics have shown however that young people between the ages of 12 and 16 seem to be the higher affected group suffering from them.  It seems to be more likely that suffering will be on the fingers and hands rather than other parts of the body.  It is most unfortunate that there are a group of people who don’t just suffer from the odd one or two, but several, over varying parts of their bodies.

Child with WartsThere are occasions where warts can become extremely pain, particularly when they occur on the soles of the feet.  Genital warts, or Venereal warts, are the ones which are sexually transmitted and appear in the folds of the skin around the genital regions.  These obviously have to be dealt with slightly more delicately than other areas that are affected so treatments for these can be treated with electro-surgery, topical ointments such as trichloroacetic acid, liquid nitrogen (freezing), cryosurgery or curettage, which is a procedure whereby the tissue is scooped or scraped.  One of the more harmful types of wart is those which arise in the uterine cervix, which can lead the patient to suffer with cervical cancer.  The more flat shaped ones are normally found on the face or on the back of the hands.

Generally as a rule, everyone carries the wart virus, however not everyone suffers with the symptoms.  Usually most warts, wherever they may occur on the body can be treated, with one procedure/treatment or another such as salicylic acid, plasters, electrodessication, laser therapy, liquid nitrogen, however cautery is still highly recommended as a form of treatment.  Occasionally it is possible to use x-ray treatments for certain areas, nonetheless in most cases, the skin will heal naturally quite quickly and no further problems arise so this procedure would not be necessary.

So where do warts come from, how do we get them?

Finger WartIn some ways, the virus is quite clever as it enters into our bodies through cracks in our skin, where it develops.  Most people who have the misfortune to suffer from warts will know that warts will usually disappear on their own, but, they can be treated and controlled with some natural remedies.  The question has been asked many times by many different people as to whether warts are contagious?  Yes they are and if you are suffering from warts, you are advised that any scratching, picking or other irritation to the wart will certainly make it spread.  Another pretty nasty virus is known as Herpes Simplex, which is the one which causes cold sores and genital herpes.  This debilitating disease lives in the nerve endings.  Again it is asymptomatic as with the wart virus and outbreaks are often caused due to physical stress or emotional tension, or even menstruation and too much sun!

To help avoid the progressive spread or growth of any warts, here are a few easy to find home cures which may help you in treating the problem.

Elimination of Warts with Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree OilTea Tree Essential Oil has some influential anti-viral properties when helping to eradicate warts. This smooth oil which is a yellowish color which comes from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree (Narrow-leaved Tea-tree) has normally been found in Southeast Queensland and New South Wales in Australia, but it appears to be growing in popularity around the world as to where it is grown now.

It was used many years ago by the Eastern Australian aboriginal people, traditionally to treat colds and coughs.  Its great healing properties made it an ideal form of antiseptic for wounds.  For skin disorders the leaves would be applied on the affected area and then a wrapping was put over the leaves.  For sore throats the leaves were crushed to produce the oil which was used as an inhalant.

Despite the fact that the oil was an extremely popular form of alternative medicine for these aboriginals, it was never formally accepted as a treatment within the scientific medicine field.  That was until Arthur Penfold, a researcher in the 1920’s wrote a series of papers making its effectiveness public.  He wrote that it was proven to be eleven times more powerful than Carbolic Acid (Phenol).

Following that declaration the commercial production industry of tea tree oil was established and became available on the market for consumers.  To make use of tea tree oil to aid fighting warts, you would need to apply the undiluted oil directly onto the wart with a clean piece of cloth or cotton swab and carry this routine out several times a day.

Echinacea – Boosting your Immune System

EchinaceaWarts are what is known as opportunistic organisms and as such are an indicator that our immune systems are not function quite as they should.  Taking a daily course of Echinacea will help to stimulate a person’s immune system and may help to overcome wart suffering.  Echinacea is regarded as one of the group of herbaceous flowering daisies.  Generally these plants are found in Central North and Eastern America.  They are a plant that blooms in summer and thrive best in open woodland areas and prairies.  In addition to their impervious boosting properties, it can also be used for treating some infections or even as aperients.

Most Echinacea is taken orally and thankfully there appear to be no harmful side-effects.  Research has shown that any minimal side effects which may occur when taking Echinacea are rare, mild and certainly reversible.  Gastro-intestinal and skin-related symptoms are amongst the most common, if any.

Additionally, there have been no reported cases of any drug interactions and therefore, it is highly unlikely that it would ever cause any severe health risks for the persons taking it with other conventional medicine.  To maximize the effects on our immune system with this supplement, it is recommended taking ½ teaspoon of extract of Echinacea twice a day for a period of about 10 days, it is then further recommended that an additional dosage of 10 days follows that.

Garlic – Fighting those warts!

Raw GarlicRaw garlic certainly has some awesome properties.  It has been used for many things over the years and a lot of people swear by it to keep colds away by taking a garlic supplement on a daily basis.  Creating a poultice with raw garlic is said to get rid of an unwanted wart within a few days.  It is said that the essential oils which secrete from the garlic can actually burn the skin as they are extremely potent, so with this in mind it is vital that you protect the surrounding skin around the wart so it does not burn.  This can be done using a layer of Vitamin E oil.  If you don’t have any oil handy you can always use a Vitamin E capsule, if you take them and pierce it with a pin spread the oil onto the surrounding skin.

Crush up one clove of garlic and then apply this carefully to the wart and then cover it over with an adhesive wrapping or bandage.  After 24 hours, remove the wrapping/bandage.  It is quite usual that a blister should have formed; about a week later the wart should fall off.

Calendula Plant – Natural Healing

Calendula is more commonly know to us all as the Marigold plant.  In other parts of the world, such as Nepal it is fondly known as “hundred leaf flower”.   Its native home is in North and South America, although some of the varying species of this plant have adapted and thrived in other parts of the world.   There is evidence to suggest that the Marigold contains anti-tumour, anti-genotoxic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects.

Marigold FlowerThere is much evidence to show that it has been used as a topical treatment for acne, soothing irritation, reducing inflammation and as a controller for bleeding.  It has also shown effectiveness as a cure for cramps in the abdomen and constipation.  For an application to aid as a wart treatment you will need to infuse a strong tea type solution.

You will need 250ml/8 fl oz of boiling water and then add 2 tablespoons of a dried variety of marigold (calendula).  Cover this infusion for 20 minutes as if you were brewing a hot drink and then strain out the calendula.  Apply this with a piece of clean cloth or cotton swab to the warts and blisters several times a day.

Product Review: Wart Mole Vanish Kit

Definition: What is Wart Mole Vanish All About?

Warts on a HandWart Mole Vanish is a natural remedy for warts in the form of topical cream kit preparation. The cream also serves as a popular treatment for moles, and other skin orders.

Indications: Who Can Use Wart Mole Vanish?

Besides warts (including genital warts), Wart Mole Vanish is also indicated to individuals who wish to erase moles, syringoma and skin tags. This cream product for warts is for external use only.

Content: What are the contents of the Wart Mole Vanish Kit?

Wart Mole Vanish KitThis kit can be bought in stores. It contains a natural antibacterial solution, cotton swabs, applicator sticks, scratching needle for hard warts, emery board for moles and skin tags and a toothpick (for small warts). Wart Mole Vanish contains natural ingredients such as Cashew Plants, Fig Plants, Lemon and Greater Celandine Plant.

How It Works: So what’s The Kit all about?

Wart Mole Vanish works by creating a “natural” process of cauterization. The all-natural ingredients of the cream are believed to destroy warts (and skin tags) that are caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). The anti-viral action of Wart Mole Vanish dries out warts and they are expected to “fall off” in a matter of 1 to 3 weeks.

Effectiveness: How Efficient Is the Kit?

The efficiency of Wart Mole Vanish can be observed during the first application of the cream; though, the product does not guarantee 100% the removal of a wart or warts. Via a study and consumer’s reviews – Wart Mole Vanish is effective and worth a good run for your money!

Side Effects of Wart Mole Vanish:  What are the Normal Outcomes of the Treatment?

Many people turn their faith in the Wart Mole Vanish kit because it is not invasive and does have the chances of many side effects. However, like other treatments such as cryosurgery and electro-cauterization, blemishes and scarring are pretty normal outcomes. In addition, scabs are likely to form up to within about 48 hours of using the cream. When scabs are dry and fall off, whenever possible it is advised to use a Vitamin E oil preparation. Vitamin E helps prevent scarring and promotes skin healing. It is important not to scratch the scabs, as these will disappear in a span of about 3 weeks. Otherwise if they are disturbed or scratched, it can lead to permanent scarring.

Wart Mole Vanish Kit ContentsProper Use: How to Prepare the Wart Mole Vanish Kit?

It must be pointed out that Wart kit must be stored at room temperature. Remember that the kit will dry out quite easily, so it should be used right away after opening. In the event the kit dries out, “rehydrate” the cream using an applicator stick with some water. If the solution comes into contact with other parts of the body, remove it straight away with a cotton applicator and wash the area thoroughly.

Precaution: What are some Important Reminders for Wart Mole Vanish Application?
A special reminder when using Wart Mole Vanish is to only use the cream externally, and to apply the cream only to the warts and do not include the surrounding skin.

Notwithstanding, it is advisable to seek medical advice before using the Wart Mole Vanish. This especially holds true to patients with existing health problems and weakened immune systems. Make sure the cream doesn’t get into the eyes, but if this happens, you should immediately flush it through with water and then seek medical advice.

Instructions on How to Use the Wart Mole Vanish Kit?

20 MinutesThe following are simple steps on how to use the cream.

  1. Clean the wart with water, or use the antibacterial solution contained in the kit. For hard and large warts, soak them with water first for several minutes to soften the skin.
  2. Slightly and carefully scratch warts using the stainless needle. When bleeding occurs, apply compression and wait for the bleeding to stop before proceeding.
  3. Stir the Wart Mole Vanish well before use. Using an applicator stick, place the cream over the warts. Note: only apply it to warts and not to surrounding skin.
  4. Let the cream stay on for 20 minutes. The individual may feel a slight stinging sensation which is normal during the application. This indicates that the solution is penetrating deep into the skin tissue.
  5. Look for color changes. Observe a dark or black discoloration of the warts. If there is no noticeable discoloration, wipe off the cream and repeat the process again on the warts.
  6. After another 20 minutes, gently remove the cream with a cotton swab. Redness and swelling are normal after the treatment.

Warts!It is one of the easiest and most effective ways of getting rid of warts. For a period of only 20 minutes, warts stop growing and clear away. It is a one-time application that is safe and contains natural ingredients. Wart Mole Vanish Kit is also very easy to use, affordable and feasible to do at home!

This is an unbiased product review with no affiliation – for information only.

Different Treatment Modalities for Warts

What Causes Warts?

Human Papilloma Virus Warts are tiny growths on the skin that have bunch-like appearance. Also known as regular warts, they are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). There are more than 100 different strains which include the specific type of virus that can cause genital warts and anal cancer – these are transmitted sexually.

Cartoon WartAre Warts Contagious?

Warts are transmittable from one person to another via touch or using an object that is used by a wart-infected individual. Warts can also spread throughout the body by scratching and even picking them. It must be mentioned that warts are not hereditary; however, it is not uncommon for any member of the household to get infected with warts.

Warts are generally painless except for the areas that are prone to pressure such as the knees, ankles and elbows.

Periungual WartsWhat are the Different Strains of Wart?

Common warts come in many different types. They are named after their location to the body. For example, ones found in the soles of the feet are called plantar warts, while those found under nails are called Periungual.

Are Warts Curable?

There is no one exact cure for warts, but there are a number of ways to treat them. A wart, however, can go away on its own without any medical treatment.

How Does Salicylic Acid Work?

Salicylic-acid is a form of keratolytic medication. This acid works by dissolving the protein composition of a wart. However, the use of salicylic acid preparations is not advisable for individuals who are diabetic. The poor condition of the blood in a diabetic people may slow the healing process of the warts.

Duct Tape on a HandHow effective is the use of Duct Tape when Freezing Warts?

The solitary folklore method of freezing warts is with the use of duct tape. The efficiency of duct tape has not yet been proven medically, but many people still believe in this practice and that by covering them with it will halt their growth. However, the duct tape must be left in place for a long period of time until the tape falls away.

What if I have Sensitive Skin?

Over-the-counter drugs are considered safe to use. Side effects can be very normal which include redness and burning sensation in the affected area. Scarring is also a usual occurrence. When using any topical preparations for warts, make sure to read the label and follow the instructions cautiously. Avoid putting them on sensitive areas as they may contain chemicals that can further irritate the skin.

It must be mentioned there are no treatment for freezing warts that are effective overnight. The treatment modalities for warts can take weeks or even up to several months in order to be successful. Looking at a bigger picture, treating these skin complaints requires patience and the proper use of the relevant treating methods. How the treatment responds to each individual may also vary. As mentioned at the outset, warts can diminish over time even without any treatments.

CryotherapyWhat is Cryotherapy?

The common treatment for freezing warts is by the use of cryotherapy, or otherwise known as cryosurgery.

Cryotherapy “freezes” the warts by the use of liquid nitrogen. A chemical known as liquid nitrogen is applied over the area and around the warts. This is done over and over again to soften the warts and the surrounding tissue. However, the cycles of cryotherapy are determined by the thickness and size of skin bumps. Normally, up to three sessions are sufficient in freezing warts.

So, what can you expect during the treatment? It must be mentioned that burning sensations and sensitivity in/around the areas is quite normal. Swelling is also normal and blisters may form after the procedure.

Freezing a WartThe freezing method or cryotherapy is most effective for external warts. Warts that are advanced and develop internally to the genitals, anus and urethra require more extensive treatment. The recovery time of the patient also varies from the number of warts removed. For a small number of warts, the patient may recover in about one week’s time, while there are available over-the-counter kits for freezing warts, it is recommended that you seek medical assistance and let the doctors do the procedure.

The treatment plan for common warts is different from genital warts. Genital warts are more sensitive cases and the patient may feel more side effects. Women who undergo cryotherapy may experience bleeding, bad-smelling discharge and pain in the localized area. For this reason, the use of tampons are advisable and women are instructed to avoid sexual intercourse for 3 weeks or until the lesions are completely healed.